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A community for women to receive true friendship, prayer, encouragement, and celebration

May you encounter the love of Jesus and never be the same!

I'm Jess Baker

I was born and raised in Louisiana, but I’m currently residing in Florida. I am an encourager by nature and have titled myself “Heaven’s Biggest Cheerleader”. My hope and prayer is that through my vulnerability, you will see God’s strength, and gain courage to open up and share your heart with others. I believe this is one way healing occurs. My dream is to see a harvest of healed women linking arms with broken women who need healing, and ushering them into God’s presence to receive their own beautiful harvest of healing. May we partner together, and with the Holy Spirit, to bring hope and healing for generations to come.

Sign Up for Healing Scriptures and Affirmations

Sign Up for Healing Scriptures and Affirmations

Join me as we journey through “unbecoming” everything the world created us to be. Enjoy some of my top favorite healing scriptures and healing affirmations. I hope you will add these into your daily regimen and see the fruit of healing in your own life, just as I have!

Unbecoming Life

A Journey Beyond Trauma, Fear, and Guilt

A Journey Beyond Trauma,
Fear, and Guilt

In Unbecoming Life: A Journey Beyond Trauma, Fear, and Guilt, Jess recounts her story with a rawness and vulnerability that makes the reader feel more like a friend than a spectator. In this engagingly candid memoir, hope is found in Jess’s darkest moments and the never-ending glimmer of God’s faithfulness as she inched her way to unbecoming what the lies that held her captive told her she’d be.

Prayer. Encouragement. Authenticity. Community. Empowerment. Healing.

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