Unbecoming Life

A Journey Beyond Trauma, Fear, and Guilt

A Journey Beyond Trauma,
Fear, and Guilt

From the time I was ten years old, I wanted to be an actress. And a Disney princess. What can I say?  I dream big. I really thought I had a shot at both of those things. Yet disappointment derails good dreams. Harmful self images, blur the vision inside. I found myself facing the next hardest thing, time and time again, believing I deserved the pain I got until the light to unbecome broke though.” Jess Baker once defined herself as a teen pregnancy statistic, a barely-get-by single mother, and a postpartum sufferer. 

In Unbecoming Life: A Journey Beyond Trauma, Fear, and Guilt, Jess recounts her journey in a raw vulnerable style that makes the reader feel more like a friend than a spectator. In this engagingly candid memoir, hope is found in Jess’s darkest moments and the never ending glimmer of God’s faithfulness as she inches her way to unbecoming what the lies that held her captive had spoken.

This book was exactly what I needed in a pivotal moment in my life. As a mom who knows what it’s like to have struggled with debilitating postpartum depression, Jess truly shows me that I am not alone and I can now release the shame and guilt from those painful years. This book is the start of any one woman’s journey toward unbecoming. I highly recommend this book to any one who desires to know what it looks like for God to turn your pain into purpose and trauma into triumph.

—Takiya Arevalo

Author, Influencer, Founder of The Sis You Need

Unbecoming Life: A Journey Beyond Trauma, Fear, and Guilt is a captivating book that women from all walks of life can relate to. From the very beginning, until the end, I found this book to be a sincere invitation to women, like myself, who have at one time or another felt unloved or ashamed – to step out of the shadows of my past and into true freedom found in Christ. Jessica so beautifully highlights how God’s love for us is constant, through the ups and downs of life and how He is faithful to His promises. I recommend this book to women looking for an inspiring story of hope and God’s faithfulness.

—Colette D. Oliver

Truth and Compassion Ministries Int’l

Unbecoming Life: A Journey Beyond Trauma, Fear, and Guilt will take you on a journey of trials, struggles, and triumphs that we all face in different seasons of life. There is an authentic vulnerability and love from the author to see lives transformed by the words penned in the pages ahead. This book is sure to meet the readers right where they are while sharing the truth of God’s Word, that He is working all things out for their good – He is faithful in all seasons of life.

—Krissy Orogun

Pastor of Women’s Ministry, Upper Room Indy, Indianapolis, IN

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